Ielasi Tuned Sleeve Puller Cylinder Extractor

Out Of Stock Ielasi Tuned Sleeve Puller Cylinder Extractor
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Ielasi Tuned Sleeve Puller Cylinder Extractor


Ielasi Tuned kicks off 2024 with the release of its new cylinder extractor.  Presenting a CAD image of the product concept last May, the Italian company have spent the time since getting the product perfected with Daniele Ielasi knowing a thing or two about rebuilding engines and having extracted one or two liners in his time as an engine tuner!  Since 2022 Ielasi Tuned have by technical choice started using a ‘tight fit’ cylinder for their engines which has proven to be a very important step for reliability.  A side effect of this is unfortunately that not all customers find it easy to be able to carry out the classic maintenance on their engine as it was very difficult to be able to remove the cylinder from the crankcase.  This is precisely the reason they came up with the idea for creating this extractor.  It is made entirely of steel with a ‘spring steel collet which makes it reliable and long-lasting and is sold in its own dedicated carry case.







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