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O.S.SPEED 21XZ-B TY 110% with T-2090SC + M2005SC Combo set #1217E

O.S.SPEED 21XZ-B TY 110% with T-2090SC + M2005SC Combo set #1217E
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O.S.SPEED 21XZ-B TY 110% with T-2090SC + M2005SC 90mm Combo set


Model no: 1217E


7mm carburetor reducer is included as standard to bring out more power based on the O.S. SPEED 21XZ-B Spec. II.

● The combo set uses a 90mm long manifold in response to his request, contributing to stable idling and low fuel consumption.

● A low center of gravity and stability are ensured by adopting a heat sink head that is 4 mm lower than Spec.II.

-Crankcase & crankshaft with laser marking Tessman logo, which is a proof of special engine

● In addition to selling the combo set that includes the engine, M2005SC 90mm manifold, and T-2090SC tuned silencer, we will also sell the engine alone.



Process volume: 3.49cc /

Bore: 16.27mm / 0.641in.

Stroke: 16.80mm / 0.661in

Practical rotation speed: 4,000 ~ 42,000 r.p.m.

Output: 2.65ps / 34,000r.p.m. (2.61hp / 34,000r.p.m.)

Weight: 353g / 12.45oz.

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