O.S. SPEED R21 GT engine with T-2060SC pipe Combo Set #1CC01

O.S. SPEED R21 GT engine with T-2060SC pipe Combo Set #1CC01
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O.S. SPEED R21 GT with T-2060SC pipe Combo Set 

Code No.1CC01

The popular 1/8 GT touring category as a new category that can realize a dynamic race scene just like a real car. Looking ahead to the IFMAR World Championships to be held in the United States, we will introduce a new engine, the O.S. SPEED R21 GT. Performance is improved over the entire area compared to the previous model O.S.SPEED 21XZ-GT. The crankcase is a refinement of the R2101, which has an excellent history of on-road racing. The cylinder / piston uses 5 ports of scavenging + 3 ports of exhaust that have cleared IFMAR regulations. The newly designed crankshaft is designed with an emphasis on pick-up by press-fitting the DLC coating and counterweight that inherited the tradition of OS SPEED. Considering the GT touring race scene, we adopted a new outer head that emphasizes cooling performance. The carburetor is equipped with a newly designed 22E (B) GT cab of the double adjustment type that emphasizes pickup performance that smoothly follows the rise from the corner, which is important in GT touring. The reducer is also equipped with φ7 according to IFMAR regulation.
T-2060SC + MB01-70 (M2003SC) is set in the combo set to be released at the same time.



Stroke volume: 3.49cc / 0.213 cu.in.
Bore: 16.08mm / 0.633in.
Stroke: 17.20mm / 0.677in.
Output 2.65ps / 2.61hp / 34,000r.p.m
Practical rotation speed: 4,000-42,000 r.p.m.
Weight: 369g / 13.02oz


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