O.S. SPEED B21 ADAM DRAKE 2 EDITION with EFRA2155 pipe Combo Set 1CH01

O.S. SPEED B21 ADAM DRAKE 2 EDITION with EFRA2155 pipe Combo Set  1CH01
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O.S. SPEED B21 ADAM DRAKE EDITION with TB03 EFRA2155(T-2100SC)+MB01-75(M2000SC) pipe Combo Set

Model no: 1CH01

O.S.SPEED B21 ADAM DRAKE EDITION 2 is a further refinement of the previous model that was born with the advice of world-class pro racer Adam Drake. I finished it with an engine that can win big races that match his demands. 16.4mm x 16.55mm bore x stroke given only to this engine. A newly designed crankshaft aimed at further improving the driving feeling. The latest engine factors have been incorporated, such as an inner head that uses an "O" ring that reduces vibration and improved dustproof performance, and a ball link that makes it easy to adjust the linkage used in the B2103 for the carburetor.
Displacement: 3.49cc / 0.213 cu.in.
Bore: 16.4mm / 0.646 in.
Stroke: 16.55mm / 0.652 in.
Output: 2.65 ps / 2.61 hp / 34,000 r.p.m.
Practical r.p.m.Range: 4,000-42,000 r.p.m.
Weight: 362g / 12.77oz

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