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O.S. SPEED R21 EURO with T-2080SC+MR02 pipe Combo Set #1C403

O.S. SPEED R21 EURO with T-2080SC+MR02 pipe Combo Set #1C403
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O.S. SPEED R21 EURO with T-2080SC+MR02 pipe Combo Set 

Code No.1C403

In addition to O.S.SPEED's proud high-performance series of engines for ON ROAD "R21", another new engine of interest will be added to the lineup. This "O.S. SPEED R21 EURO Spec." Is a high-speed course compatible engine that thoroughly pursues top speed growth by changing the port timing of the crankshaft and cylinder. Adopting a cylinder / piston dedicated to "EURO Spec", it was developed with the aim of being an engine that can "fight" more than ever even on long straight courses. In addition, it is also equipped with a specially designed outer head. The point is that it is stylish and has a design that tickles the hearts of enthusiasts. "T-2080SC tuned silencer" and "M2001SC exhaust manifold" are also included in this combo set. A racer aiming for another speed range can be said to be an engine that cannot be overlooked.



Stroke volume: 3.49cc /

Bore: 16.08mm / 0.633 in.

Stroke: 17.20mm / 0.677 in.

Output 2.8 ps / 2.76 hp / 33,000 r.p.m.

Practical rotation speed: 4,000-45,000 r.p.m.

Weight: 340g / 11.99oz


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