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XRD Blue7 Limited 7ports 3.5cc .21 Ceramic Buggy off-road engine Displacement: 3.49cc. Transfe..
XRD Centex Clutch Bell for Mugen / Shepherd      ..
XRD Dark Blue5 Limited 5ports 3.5cc .21 Ceramic GT Touring engine Displacement: 3.49cc. Transf..
XRD EFRA 2068 GT .21 GT exhaust pipe set   ..
XRD EFRA-2676  1/10 Touring Exhaust pipe  with manifold       &..
XRD Grey5 Limited 5ports 3.5cc .21 Ceramic Buggy off-road engine with XRD EFRA 2058 exhaust pipe com..
XRD Magic 7ports 3.5cc .21 Ceramic On-road  Modified engine Mpdified by Massimo Fantini D..
XRD On-road Centex Clutch for Mugen / Shepherd      ..
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